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About Us


About Us

Founded in Rochester, New York in 1999, NTG has gone through many changes over the years, but has always remained focused on supporting and enabling business success for our customers. We started with a simple vision, business infrastructure advisors passionate about making our customers successful and tired of working in companies and roles driven by corporate politics instead of focusing on goals and results. Our founders, Andrew West and Scott Alan Miller, created NTG to be the kind of company for which they wanted to work - to make an environment where everyone could focus on customer success while being an amazing place for fostering ideas, cooperation, teamwork, and innovation.

After more than twenty years, NTG is still a privately held & family-owned profitable business without being beholden to venture investments or equity partners. Our independence and continued success allows us to stay true to our mission of empowering our customers through great solutions backed by a passionate team that loves business, technology, our customers, and being a family.

NTG History

  • 1999

    The Beginning

    1999 - Rochester, NY

    Founded in Upstate New York, NTG began as a "garage business" supporting the IT needs of small businesses in the Rochester and Buffalo markets.

  • 2000

    Medical Software

    2000 - Ithaca and Pittsburgh

    NTG finds a new vision in making the first SaaS application for human medical working with research hospitals around the country and moves headquarters to Ithaca, NY and Pittsburgh, PA.

  • 2006

    Returning to Roots

    2006 - NYC

    After five years of focus primarily on internal software products, SaaS, and datacenter services, NTG expands by pivoting back to refocus on growing IT services, CIO consulting, and departmental outsourcing.

  • 2010

    Modern Brand

    2010 - Dallas

    After many years as "Niagara Technology Group", NTG rebrands as ntg.co and moves headquarters to Dallas, Texas and expands into the technology and business influence space as well as marketing and branding.

  • 2018


    2018 - Globalization

    After nearly twenty years it was time for a fresh with new growth initiatives, new executive team, and the return of our founder to drive strategic vision - including operational expansion globally including teams in Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Bolivia!