Hosted PBX

The hosted, private, *bring your own trunks NTG PBX starts at just $250 USD / month flat rate.  That’s an entire PBX, all of the hosting and full support in an all you can eat model!  Predictable pricing, even as you add employees, conference rooms,  ring groups, or other features.

Need more power than our base package offers, upgrades are transparent and fast.  Call us to discuss pricing on larger packages, but be prepared, you probably won’t need it.  Most organizations are quite content with our entry level package – so much so that it is the only one that we talk about!

Your PBX is yours, completely private.  And we take care of everything.  You just sit back and make some calls.

*Bring Your Own Trunks means that we provide the PBX, the SIP trunks are separate.  You “bring those” to us, we hook them up.  This lets you pick the right trunk provider for you based on cost, number availability, region and lets you move from an existing system transparently – no need to port numbers if you already have a SIP trunk.  If you don’t have your own SIP trunks already, we are happy to hook you up with a provider that we are experienced with that can meet your needs.  Keeping the trunks separate helps us to keep our offering as powerful, flexible and cost effective as it can be for you.