The NTG PBX solution is a unique offering in a field full of products vying for your VoIP attention.  Unlike most Hosted VoIP products which are priced by the user and put you onto a shared platform, the NTG PBX is a fully dedicated, private, hosted PBX just for you.  This means that you can customize in ways that you cannot on a shared solution and you can be sure that your data is protected.

Because your PBX is totally yours, it’s all you can eat, so to speak.  Your capacity is yours to use.  Unlimited users, conference rooms, IVRs, hunt groups, ring groups and more.  Each tier includes full support and a set amount of CPU, RAM and storage capacity for you to utilize in whatever manner is best for your organization.  This flexibility gives the NTG PBX an unprecedented price advantage that we think you will notice right away.

With the NTG PBX everything is literally – your call.  Your PBX, your way.


NTG has been building and supporting VoIP and PBX systems for nearly two decades both in the hosted and on-premises spaces.  At NTG we are passionate about modern voice technology and want to share this passion and experience with you.

Hosted PBX

The hosted, private, *bring your own trunks NTG PBX starts at just $250 USD / month flat rate.  That’s an entire PBX, all of the hosting and full support in an all you can eat model!  Predictable pricing, even as you add employees, conference rooms,  ring groups, or other features.

Need more power than our base package offers, upgrades are transparent and fast.  Call us to discuss pricing on larger packages, but be prepared, you probably won’t need it.  Most organizations are quite content with our entry level package – so much so that it is the only one that we talk about!

Your PBX is yours, completely private.  And we take care of everything.  You just sit back and make some calls.

*Bring Your Own Trunks means that we provide the PBX, the SIP trunks are separate.  You “bring those” to us, we hook them up.  This lets you pick the right trunk provider for you based on cost, number availability, region and lets you move from an existing system transparently – no need to port numbers if you already have a SIP trunk.  If you don’t have your own SIP trunks already, we are happy to hook you up with a provider that we are experienced with that can meet your needs.  Keeping the trunks separate helps us to keep our offering as powerful, flexible and cost effective as it can be for you.

On Premises PBX

Hosted VoIP is not right for everyone and at NTG we understand that and you can work with hosted PBXs, on premises PBXs, move back and forth between them or have different types for different locations.  We want to help you find the solution that is right for you, wherever it is located.   The same tested and reliable PBX that we provide hosted, you can run on premises with the same integrated support that you can get in the cloud.


For additional information, or to order your PBX, please use one of the following methods:


(607) 288-4012 Option 2