Make an IT Service Provider Your Next Employee

IT hiring is hard, even at the best of times. And for normal (non-tech) companies, attracting and retaining good IT talent can be exceptionally challenging whether because they are hard to find, the business lacks evaluation and selection skills, or the challenges of the business don’t interest the best potential candidates.  Even in the enterprise, hiring a good resource can easily take six months, and is a very expensive process.  And, of course, the harder it is to fill a position in the first place, the less likely it is for that person to stay long term: they are in demand and likely working their way up in their career.

Service providers present a significant opportunity to alleviate these challenges.  Service providers offer potential employees a broader range of challenges, mentoring from experts in their field, career paths without having to switch employers, and peers within their own profession – these aspects of a position are very important to an employee.  They also hire IT staff regularly and have a deep understanding as to what constitutes a valuable person for a role – something that most companies find very difficult to ascertain.

Contrary to the popular impression of service providers, staff that they provide need not be remote or even shared with other customers.  Service provider staff can be on site, can be fully dedicated to you, or any combination of pooling, dedication, location, etc.  There is great flexibility to find an operational mode that is both affordable and provides the functionality needed from the position.  Talk to your service provider, they are likely able to find a solution that will work for both of you.

Dedicated resources from a service provider can be surprisingly affordable, but come with many benefits such as being part of a larger billing system for other resources, having support resources from a dedicated IT organization, having included coverage options for holidays or sick days, ability to fluidly scale up or down through the use of other service provider staff, and so forth.

Service providers can change how you look at how your IT staff can work, and can do much to keep the costs of your staff low.  Internal staffing brings many high costs that are not always realized at the time of hiring, or are just assumed as unavoidable costs. But service providers bring scale, experience, and flexibility that single, traditional organizations cannot have themselves.  Reach out and see how your service provider can change how you look at your next IT hiring process.