NTG is an  IT service provider, integrator, and consultancy specializing in the unique needs of markets requiring full scope IT.  NTG prides itself on its broad skill set and experience, and an ability to manage technology infrastructures as a holistic practice.

Small and Medium Businesses, or SMBs (up to ~500 users),  and SMEs (500 to ~5,000 users)  have special needs often not addressed by IT service providers who focus on traditional Fortune 1000 enterprises.  But these businesses still require highly skilled technical resources in order to compete in this market.  Most IT service providers focusing on small businesses lack the skills and organization to execute on these business needs, having only limited skill sets and staff targeting niche areas within IT.  Approaching information technology as a complete practice, rather than discrete individual departments, often relegated to different vendors, is a specialization in and of itself.

At NTG, we focus specifically on the comprehensive technology management market and specialize in the skills and technologies that make the most sense and add the most value in this arena. Our goal is to provide the same competitive advantages to small and medium enterprises that are usually reserved for larger organizations with deep pockets and vast resources.  By focusing on a market rather than on a single technology platform, NTG is prepared to not only implement and manage your IT solution but also to help you choose the appropriate solution that best meets your business needs – IT should be a tool used to enhance your business.  NTG is not a reseller, we are your representative working only on your behalf.  Our deliverable is your organizational capability.

NTG is a key business partner giving you the ability to take your business where it has been wanting to go, and beyond.

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