Holiday Coverage

IT Staff Augmentation is one of NTG’s core specialties.  Your IT staff needs to be able to take a holiday, too.  And who is there to cover when they get sick or snowed in or evacuated in a hurricane?

At NTG we have the staff and experience to step in and assist when your regular IT staff are unavailable or just need a break. Let them take a vacation where they really get to disconnect, allow them to really enjoy that family reunion, give them the time with their families that they need while we fill in on their behalf.

Holiday Coverage can go far beyond a summer vacation or cross country road trip, it can include evenings, overnights, weekends, holidays, vacations, last minute sick days, and other PTO. Your IT staff supports you, and we support them.

Call or email today and ask about how we can help provide a continuity of service and coverage for your IT services.