Modern VoIP telephony is a must for any modern business and Sangoma FreePBX has been a solid, mature product option in the VoIP PBX market. Based on open source Asterisk, FreePBX has been a market leader for many years and few companies have the extensive experience supporting FreePBX and Asterisk as NTG.

NTG is experienced in supporting FreePBX on premises and in the cloud and has been working with Asterisk itself for nearly twenty years across a variety of platforms. We can help you assess how and where to deploy FreePBX, capacity planning, choosing add on modules, connect with SIP trunk providers, tackle security, set up desk phones, configure soft phones, fix sound quality issues, generate reports, estimate costs, and more.

Supporting a PBX should go far beyond the application itself. To properly support a PBX we need a solid understanding of the underlying operating system (CentOS Linux, in the case of FreePBX), of virtualization and networking, network security, system security, protocols such as SIP, IAX2, and RTP, knowledge of physical and soft phones and more. At NTG, we can support your FreePBX infrastructure from end to end and provide you with a comprehensive peace of mind that your entire system works for your business, not just one piece of it.