Elastix was a market leading, Asterisk-based, open source PBX product build in Ecuador that ran on CentOS Linux. Elastix was powerful, featureful, and easy to manage. But sadly, mismanagement of their development process caused extreme delays and a dramatic loss of market share (primarily to FreePBX.) Elastix 2.4 was the final, timely release of Elastix to make it to production. A very late, somewhat unstable update to Elastix 2.5 would eventually emerge. Attempts to create an entirely new product for Elastix 3 essentially failed and the product was rebranded Elastix MT, but it never gained acceptance. An attempt to return to its roots and update the traditional product resulted in Elastix 4 which was never fully released. Eventually 3CX purchased Elastix and today it is simply an alternative path to acquiring the 3CX PBX product.

Many companies deployed Elastix and some still run it today. NTG continues to provide full Elastix support to those needing it and we currently work with even enterprise scale deployments of Elastix. If your company needs to continue to maintain an existing Elastix platform, or is looking for assistance choosing and migrating to a new platform for the future, NTG is here to help you every step of the way.

Companies using Elastix today will commonly look to FreePBX, VitalPBX, 3CX, FusionPBX, and Issabel as popular options. Each has its own benefits and caveats. No matter what direction you choose, NTG is here as your support partner.