NTG is an IT service provider specializing in the unique needs of the small and medium business market.

Small and Medium Businesses, or SMBs,  have special needs often not addressed by IT service providers who focus on large enterprises.  But these businesses still require highly skilled technical resources in order to compete in this market.  Most IT service providers focusing on small businesses lack the skills and organization to execute on these business needs, having only limited skill sets and staff targeting niche areas within IT.

At NTG, we focus solely on the small and medium business market and specialize in the skills and technologies that make the most sense and add the most value in this arena. Our goal is to provide the same competitive advantages to small businesses that are usually reserved for larger organizations with deep pockets and vast resources.  By focusing on a market rather than on a single technology platform, NTG is prepared to not only implement and manage your IT solution but also to help you choose the appropriate solution that best meets your business – IT should be a tool used to enhance your business.  NTG is not a reseller, we are your representative working only on your behalf.

NTG is a key business partner giving you the capability to take your business where it has been wanting to go.

About Us

Who We Are:

NTG is a North Texas–based IT consultancy and service provider (ITSP & MSP). Our headquarters are located in beautiful and friendly Carrollton, Texas, in the heart of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. At NTG, we are passionate about supplying great IT services to companies of all types and sizes with a great variety of needs and opportunities.

Our goal is to be the “go to” global IT service provider for businesses in the SMB and SME market segments. We provide affordable solutions for our clients, and our team works tirelessly to explore new technologies and services to achieve our clients’ goals.

We believe you will choose NTG because of our ability to provide you with enterprise-class service on an SMB scale and our nearly twenty years of experience in helping businesses grow and thrive.


NTG’s technical support and engineering team is led by renowned IT researcher, educator, and thought-leader Scott Alan Miller who, with thirty years of experience, works continuously to expand not just the scope and capability for NTG’s clients, but writes and speaks pushing IT as a field of study.

Our management team is led by Paul Chiodo who brings an additional thirty plus years of IT management experience to NTG’s executive team.


NTG began life in February, 1999 as the IT and software development department arm of Nicklin Associates, a medical facility management outsourcing firm in Goshen, New York.  By early 2000, NTG was spun off from Nicklin so that each company could focus on its own core competencies independently.

Over time, NTG’s focus moved from primarily software development to pure IT and in 2017 the last of NTG’s software development was spun off to a new company and NTG is focused 100% upon information technology services today.

NTG’s client base is now throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and France.  NTG continues to expand its reach into new markets and client bases. But NTG remains focused on understanding and providing for the needs of small, local businesses using global experience to enhance that capability.

Contact Us

For additional information, or to have a private consultation, please use one of the following methods:


Dallas, Texas

+1 (607) 288-4012